KBG | Code 404 Impromptu Run

Code 404 Impromptu Run

Members only need to use this form to register for Impromptu Runs. Your vehicle is restricted for use as per section 8 of the Concessional Licence Code 404 Information Booklet – click here for more info.

Impromptu Runs

Beyond sanctioned club events and road testing/maintenance use, Impromptu Runs can be undertaken.

Impromptu Runs do not have the 30km limit from where a vehicle is housed, which applies top road testing/maintenance use.

Clubs must be notified in advance of an Impromptu Run by the vehicle owner and the club must maintain a log of all such runs.

The club must be advised of:
1. Your name;
2. Your vehicle make and model;
3. The vehicle’s registration;
4. The date it will be used.

There is no limit to the number of Impromptu Runs undertaken in a period.

Clubs do not need any additional information and there is no requirement to carry proof of advice of an Impromptu Run in the vehicle.

Please fill in the form below to notify KBG of your Impromptu Run.