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Concessional Licensing

The club offers support for concessional licensing applications to members who are in good standing, actively participate in club activities and whose vehicles meet the eligibility requirements of the schemes. For new members, a probation period applies before concessional applications will be considered.

Department of Transport offers two concessional licensing schemes:

1. Code 404 for vehicles in original and unmodified condition, and;

2. Code C4C for vehicles manufactured before 1990, which may be modified.

For details of the schemes, eligibility criteria, pricing and use restrictions, please refer to the Department of Transport details here:


Vehicles on either Concession cannot be:

  • Used for daily commuting or work.
  • For profit / hire services.
  • Used for a driving test.


Key points to note for Code 404 concession

Code 404 was established to preserve WA’s motoring heritage by providing cheaper registration for vehicles maintained in original condition with limited road use. A key condition of the concession was the maintenance of originality, however, there are a number of approved modifications.

  • Alternative period wheels i.e., wheels that were available at the time.
  • Contemporary factory options that were available for the vehicle when new are permitted, if in accordance with the manufacturer’s original specification.
  • Safety items such as brake lights and flasher indicators may be installed.
  • Radial ply tyres may be fitted but only to rims of original diameter and width or no more than 25mm over-width.
  • Conversion from 6v to 12v is permitted.
  • Conversion from LHD to RHD providing the conversion complies with the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Modifications (VSB14).


Note: There is no general list of acceptable modifications so if you are in doubt, contact the Politburo to discuss.


Code 404 Use restrictions

Vehicle owners must confine their vehicle’s use to the following:

  • Any recorded event organised by an approved club. This includes other approved clubs’ events.
  • Events organised or advertised in your club’s newsletter, magazine, events calendar, website or Facebook page.
  • Rallies organised by an approved historic motoring club. This includes multi-day events and travel to and from the rally (approval from the club is required to be carried).
  • Participation in community events, parades, displays, fetes, and similar functions conducted for religious, charitable or educational purposes.
  • Ceremonial purposes, such as weddings, formals and funerals, involving immediate family members, providing that the event is logged with the club and no payment for services is involved.
  • Transport to and from repair or inspection services, including fuel runs.
  • Road testing within a 30 km radius of the vehicle’s regular location.
  • Impromptu runs/events involving one or more vehicles, over a one-day period, and must be logged in the club’s official ‘Run Log’. See Impromptu Runs details below.


Impromptu Runs

This allows vehicles to be used on non-club sanctioned events for single day drives. There is no distance limit. The process is simple. In advance, you must email the Club Registrar identifying yourself, the vehicle you will be using and the date it will be going out. The Registrar keeps a log of this information.

It is worth downloading and reviewing the Code 404 conditions here: http://councilofmotoringclubs.asn.au/index.php/downloads/code-404


Key points for the Concessions for Classics (C4C) scheme

Concessions for Classics scheme was introduced in 2019 to allow for concessional licensing for street rods and classic vehicles that have been modified from manufacturers standard.

There is no general guide for acceptable modifications, but any modifications made must have engineering certificates and already been approved for road use. Effectively, the vehicle must already be fully licensed BEFORE it can transfer onto the C4C concession.

The club does not undertake concessional licensing or engineering inspections or certifications.

Restricted Usage

Use is limited to 90 days per annum split between 60 days of club event use (refer to the use restrictions for Code 404 above) and 30 days of personal use. ALL use of the vehicle, including petrol and maintenance runs, must be logged via our webpage: https://kbgaustralia.org/code-c4c-registration-of-use/

Appling for concession

Code 404

If the vehicle is already on full license, it is easy to transfer to Code 404 or back to full license.

Email the Politburo at kbgpolitbureau@gmail.com with:

  • Copy of your current registration papers.
  • Photos of the vehicle with a detailed description (please advise if there are any non-factory modifications or accessories). We may need to inspect the vehicle or discuss further.
  • If approved, the Registrar will provide a copy of the CMC 1 declaration confirming financial membership and originality.



  • Download from the Transport website Form E81 and complete the concession application.
  • Take your registration papers, Form E81 and CMC 1 to a Department of Transport office.
  • If the vehicle is unlicensed in Western Australia, you will need to have the vehicle inspected for roadworthiness first. Please contact the Politburo and we’ll recommend an inspector.

If you have a vehicle on concession with another club and wish to transfer it to the KBG register, email the Politburo at kbgpolitbureau@gmail.com with:

Copy of your current registration papers and photos of the vehicle as per above.

Advise us which club the vehicle is currently registered through.

The Registrar will provide you with a letter confirming the vehicle is added to the KBG register. You will need to keep a copy for your records and pass a copy to the other club. Department of Transport do not need to be advised of transfers between registers of approved clubs.

Once a vehicle is approved for Concessional Licensing, it must wear additional plates or stickers stating “HISTORIC” above or below the front and rear number plates. The dimensions differ for cars and 2-wheel vehicles. We have vinyl stickers for $5 each.


Code C4C

The vehicle must be on full license for us to deal with it.

Download form E116 from Department of Transport and complete https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/concessions.asp

Email the Politburo at kbgpolitbureau@gmail.com with:

  • Copy of your current registration papers and photos of the vehicle as per above.
  • Copy of your completed E116.
  • The Registrar will certify your membership details and return the form to you for submission to Department of Transport.


Once a vehicle is approved for Concessions for Classics, it must wear additional plates or stickers stating “RESTRICTED USE” above or below the front or rear number plates. The dimensions differ for cars and 2-wheel vehicles. We have vinyl stickers for $5 each.

Note: failing to display the appropriate concession sticker on your vehicle is an offence and you may be fined for non-compliance.

In all matters of assessing applications for concessional licensing, the committee has the final word.

Failure to maintain membership status in good standing may result in concessional licensing support being withdrawn by the club. Conduct within the club and attendance to events may affect a club member’s eligibility.

Club members must have paid all dues for the coming year by 30 June each year or their concessional status will be revoked (Department of Transport rules offer no leeway).

For all rules and eligibility requirements for either scheme, please refer to the information provided by the Department of Transport website. Scheme rules may change at the sole discretion of the Department of Transport. The above is provided as general guidance only.